Gianna Cericola
Gianna Cericola



Ora Coconut Water

Ora Coconut Water is a brand of coconut water made in Tahiti and inspired by Tahitian culture. The word Ora means to be alive in Tahitian and this coconut water is designed to feel clean and fresh to symbolize good healthiness. Using a collage style of design, enhances the freshness of the product and makes it more appetizing.

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Santa Teresa Limoncello

Santa Teresa Limoncello is a liquor based around the Santa Teresa Lemon grown in Italy. The design is inspired by illustrations found on traditional crate labels for fruits and vegetables. Using a collage style, I wanted to bring a little humor and a modern twist to liquor
bottle design.



Goddess is a cosmetic brand for women inspired by Egyptian culture and beauty techniques. The soap, shampoo, and face scrub are all infused and made with natural Egyptian ingredients found in spices and plants. The logo, pattern, and color palette are references to easily recognizable symbols in Egypt based on cultural significance and environment.