Gianna Cericola
Gianna Cericola

Cinema Buns


Cinema Buns

Branding & ux/ui Case study

Cinema Buns is a brand and mobile app for in seat delivery that is used in movie theaters. It has a fun and humorous design style that captures the 1920s in a new way. The app is used by anyone who wants to order brand related food items in theater, while catering more towards an older demographic.



Re-thinking the way in which an older demographic can easily get food delivered to them while enjoying a movie at the theaters.



Creating a prototype that allows the consumer to order food in the theater to be delivered to their seat in order for easy accessibility.

Process and Iteration


Final Logo

For the final logo, I decided to create a design that really captured the image of a cinnamon bun. I also wanted to add in the image of a film strip that finished the shape of the bun. I wanted the finished logo to be inviting and friendly. Choosing a sharp typeface for the logo type compliments the organic shape of the logo itself.

Logo Sketches

cinemabuns type-03.jpg
cinemabuns station.jpg


By referencing film of the 1920s, Cinema Buns uses icons like Charlie Chaplin within the
menu and collateral design.The brand’s collateral design incorporates art deco style to reference
the 1920s in a fun way. Items in the brand design include a carry-out bag, menu, drink holder,
cups, and punch ticket coupons.

App Prototype

Results: An on demand service and well rounded brand that combines
an efficient solution with branding assets that cater to older people.
Product Strategy: Target audience is geared towards ages 60 and up.
Research: Older people need to be able to see the screen clearly while using apps.
Apps need to have a simple user flow for an older audience.
An in-seat delivery service app allows food to be delivered to customers without them having to get up.